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Perfect for farmers' market!

Perfect for farmers' market!
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Pasture Raised Turkey

Pasture raised turkey is a delicious source of protein year round. Like our chickens, our turkeys are raised out on pasture, giving them an exquisite flavor. They are naturally moist and juicy. Studies have shown pasture raised turkey to be rich in CLA, omega-3 fatty acids, beta carotene, and vitamin E. Pasture raised turkey is the cleanest and healthiest source of protein you will find, making our turkey an excellent choice for healthy meat.

Turkey is a delicious meat that can be made into many, many meals.  We generally roast our turkey and have a feast of roast turkey and all the fixin's.  After that, we have several dinners of sliced turkey.  When it seems one couldn't possibly get one more shred of meat off the bones, we cook down the carcass to make a fabulous broth and there is always far more meat left on the bones than you would ever expect.  At that point, we usually get at least two dinners of turkey soup.  In our opinion, turkey soup beats chicken soup for flavor, hands down!  We have a very large family and can still get this kind of mileage out of a turkey.  I would say that one turkey could feed the bunch of us for nearly a week.  Now, that's value for your food dollar!

We raise the turkeys right here on the farm and then as a family we process them at the appointed time.  This means that the turkey you buy from us isn't trucked across the country in a smelly diesel semi-truck (with several hundred other birds) to get to a processing facility.  That means our turkey meat hasn't been exposed to highway and automobile pollutants or the stress of being transported.  That means our turkeys are happy until the very end.  You would be buying a healthier meat (if only for those reasons alone) and you would be supporting your local economy, not one from "who knows where??".

Our family butchers the turkeys here on our farm the morning of the "on farm" pick up date.  You can pick up your fresh birds here at the FARM later that afternoon.

The following day, we deliver fresh turkeys to Springfield, MO.  They are packed on ice over night.  They arrive to you VERY cold, but not frozen.

Growing Turkeys

Did you know that it takes about 16 weeks to grow out a turkey on pasture? We start our Thanksgiving turkeys around the end of JULY! They are raised out on our fresh pastures in bottomless pens until they are 16 weeks old. We feed them a custom mix of GMO-free grain and organic mineral supplements to insure that you get the healthiest bird possible. They get lots of fresh country air, sunshine, bugs, and green grass.

You MUST Pre-Order your Turkey

Everyone loves turkey for the holidays! Here is your chance to order locally-raised, healthy, FRESH, never-been-frozen, all natural, pasture raised turkey for this season's festivities. When you order a Bechard Family Farm turkey, you are sure to have the best tasting, most healthy turkey of a lifetime.

If you want to be guaranteed a turkey for your holiday festivities, you must pre-order to be assured that you will get one. Every year, we have to turn away people who didn't pre-order a turkey. Don't be one of those people. A $10 per bird non-refundable deposit will secure your order. The balance of payment is due when you pick up your meat.

We do NOT raise turkeys for Christmas. If you would like a Christmas turkey, be sure to order it now.

Turkey Sizes

Historically, our turkeys have dressed out anywhere from 14# to 25#. You can request a specific size turkey, like "18 lbs", but please remember that when you order a turkey, we cannot guarantee a specific weight. Our birds are raised outdoors on pasture. They do not come from a mold. Please be willing to take a turkey that is within 3-5# of your requested weight. When you come to pick up your bird, we will work with you to get you as close to the size you want. We believe that you will be happily matched up with your turkey.
Please be willing to take a turkey that is within 3-5# of your requested weight.


You can pick up your turkeys here at the FARM on Wednesday, November 12, 2014.  We offer a special "butcher day only" price when picked up at the farm.

For the TWELFTH YEAR in a row, our Springfield delivery will again be at MaMa Jean's Natural Market at 1727 S. Campbell. Turkeys that are delivered (OR picked-up frozen at the farm) are a little bit more. Customers will meet us in the parking lot of Mama Jeanís on Thursday, November 13th to pick up their turkeys.

And for the SECOND YEAR now, we are happy to announce that we will also be delivering fresh turkeys to Homegrown Food on 607 S. Pickwick Ave as another delivery option. Please stay tuned for more details as we figure out delivery times.

Be sure to visit these fine stores. These stores local products as much as possible; you're sure to be pleased with their friendly staffs and great selection!

If you are looking for a healthy alternative to factory farmed foods, look no further!  Come meet YOUR FARMER and see how YOUR FOOD is raised!

Click HERE to order your FRESH turkey today!

Turkeys are very friendly and social.
They all flock to the front when we come near.
You can see they're getting lots of fresh air and green grass.


This was our pet turkey "Jack"


Visit our Recipe page for some tips on cooking your
pasture-raised TURKEYS!


For a summary of our products, prices, & practices,
please feel free to print off our


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